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My Health Companion (MCH) Free APP For Your Wholistic Health & Wellbeing

MHC is an user friendly APP, that helps Health Care providers effectively engage with their clients to assist them to track and manage their wholistic health and wellbeing.

For Individuals or Clients

“Welcome to MCH, an easy-to-use App that will assist you to keep track of your Health & Wellbeing, access a range of services to assist you with any challenges and provide valuable feedback to your GP or other care professionals. To watch an overview of the MCH app, click here”


For Health Care Professionals

Welcome to MCH, an easy-to-use tool that will enable you to keep track of your client’s Health & Wellbeing and provide you with valuable feedback as they use the app. To watch an overview of MCH, click here”

My Health Companion (MCH) - How to get Started ?

Visit “” and register as a MHC provider

This is a FREE account that will enable you to assess the core features of MHC and determine if it is suitable for your practice.

Inviting Clients

Upon registering as an MHC provider, invitations can be sent to clients explaining the service. Upon receiving an invitation, clients are asked to download the MHC app from Google Play and install it on their devices.

Getting Started

Upon the care provider being notified that the Client has installed the app, they can create a simple care plan in collaboration with the client, with built in reminders and then monitor the client’s progress between visits.

This can be completed either face to face or remotely.

Message – First Access

Upon starting the MHC app, a message will be presented that briefly explains the app, as follows: